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Our Services


We offer product design services to create solutions for evolving product requirements of customers. Through our expertise, we are able to reduce design costs, increase speed to market and establish the highest possible product functionality and quality. Our design Services Include:



  • System Architecture

  • Electrical Simulation

  • Design Calculations

  • Design for Manufacturing Analysis

  • Component Selection

  • Schematic & Layout Design

  • Software and Firmware

  • Mechanical Design

  • Product Testing and Certification

  • Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering

  • Development of fixtures & test jigs

Product Design


We understand the value of prototyping services. As an electronic contract manufacturing company, we know the challenges met at the prototyping step.


Our Prototyping Division is equipped with all the necessary tools to build in small volumes in shorter lead times. This division helps our clients to produce prototypes in low volumes and at aggressive costs keeping build quality in mind.

Through our extensive expertise, we offer electronic prototyping services guided toward mass production, substantially reducing time to market and improving the cost competitiveness of your product.



This is our core strength. We provide printed circuit board (PCB) assembly service to our clients from our Daman Facility. There are multiple SMT lines which can manufacture boards up to 500x450mm with ceramic, flex, and rigid substrate board types. We also provide solder paste inspection, back-end assembly, and testing. We invest in state-of-the-art electronic product assembly equipment that provides optimal capacity utilization, passing savings in time and cost to our customers.


PCBA Capabilities

  • Fine pitch placement up to 12 mil

  • Component ranges from 01005 BGA and uBGA, CSP up to 55 mm sq

  • ±25 micron placement accuracy with 3-Sigma capability

  • Board types: Rigid, Flex, Ceramic Substrate

  • SMT assembly in a class and dust-free zone

  • N2-enabled reflow soldering machines to produce high reliable solder joints

  • End-to-end traceability systems

PCBA Manufacturing Equipment

  • Screen printers – 

  • Placement machines – Yamaha

  • SPI Machines – 

  • Reflow ovens – 

  • AOI – 

  • PCB Router

  • BGA repair station

Test Equipment

  • In Circuit Testers – Kyoritsu, Tescon

  • Manufacturing Defect Analyzers – TRI

  • 3D X-ray Inspection Systems

  • Customized automated test equipment

  • Environment & thermal shock chamber

  • Coordinate measuring machine – Mitutoyo

  • Profile projector (125Khz LCR meter)

  • Solder paste viscosity meter & height measurement

  • Video measuring machine

  • Vibration & bump tester



Our trained workforce and multiple SMT lines are ideally suited for Mass Production. With complete information transparency through our SAP-run systems, we adhere to our TATs more than 99%of the time. Currently, we are producing more than 420K Memory Modules and 300K SSDs annually with plans for capacity expansion in the near future.

We offer the full solution with an extensive set of tools and additional value-added services with the single goal of bringing your products to market efficiently, at the right time and with the quality desired. To do so, we put the emphasis on providing you with the most skilled engineering and production teams at the service of your product, in addition to cutting edge equipment and technologically advanced capabilities.

With extensive experience with Full Kitting and Bottle Neck analysis, we are quickly able to identify any issues with mass production and address them efficiently to continual improvement in the volumes.



All products go through various stages of validation and testing such as AOI, SPI, ICT, X-Ray, Vibration Testing, and Functional Testing as well as drop tests to ensure product and packaging are as per customer requirements before being released for shipment.



Repair & Rework forms a significant part of our portfolio. We offer comprehensive PCBA repair and rework services. Our services range from the refurbishment of the product to component level rework. Our engineers are specially trained to specialize in failure analysis of electronic assemblies, PCBs, and electronic components such as ICs, DRAM & Flash ICs, Transistors, capacitors, resistors, LEDs, power modules, and others.

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